Glen Rabena

Glen Rabena was born in Wapato, Wash. He began carving in the North Coast Style in Seattle in 1970. The following year he moved to Quesnel, B.C. During 1975 and 1976 he studied at the Kitanmax School of Northwest Coast Art at Ksan. In 1978 he did the illustrations for "The Birds of Ksan", by Susan Marsden and the Gitskan Studies Advisory Group. These proved to be the foundation for this very popular bird serigraphs. Though more illustrative than traditional, Glen's ability to capture the spirit of his subject makes his art much sought after by both Northwest Coast and Wildlife collectors. Perhaps better known for his serigraphs, Glen is also a fine carver in wood and ivory, and a talented painter on wood and hide. He carved the dance masks and rattles for the noted "Haida Dancers" from Prince Rupert. He has been commissioned to produce ceremonial objects to be used and given away at many Potlatchs. He also designed and made a dance apron for the world renowned Haida artist Reg Davidson.


'Cardinal' 201/225, an unframed serigraph print by Glen Rabena. Measuring 16" h. x 16" w. c. 1980



Chilkat Moon

Glen Rabena

yellow cedar, paint, abalone
17" D

$ 2850

Bear Panel
Glen Rabena

Hand carved and painted red cedar
35" X 59 1/2"
$9,000. (CDN) 
approx. $7,500. (US)

sold at


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