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Temporary Tattoo's

  • 2"x 2"  
  • made with vegetable dyes
  • individual packaged 
  • displays available


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Limited Edition Prints and Paintings
for Sale

Site to buy beads


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Fashion Sports Wear

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Tsalagi -- Cherokee -- Basketry:

Native America Pottery from Jewels of Clay

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Cowichan Sweaters at Authentic Cowichan Knits

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"" is native owned and operated specializing in fine Amerindian jewelry and sculpture. The work is all from either local Mohawk artists, West Coast artists or Southwest artists.

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Check out the galleries we have here at native Online
scrolling gallery
Tour a gallery with ancient native artifacts 


or go to ebay and check out all the native product for auction
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If you are native or have a native owned business with a product preferable a native craft or artwork and would like your product to be linked  from this page or you would like Native Online to sell a product for you, please email your Enquirer to
fax: 604-983-2296


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