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Ed Archie Noisecat is a Salish Indian whose experience as a Native American growing up in the rich culture of the Pacific Northwest and his technical expertise as a trained printmaker, are the dual sources of inspiration for his twentieth-century renderings of traditional animal spirits. He utilizes the full spectrum of contemporary printmaking and ancient carving techniques to make his creatures come alive.
His work is visually powerful as it recounts the ancient North American myths, posing fundamental questions and illustrating the primal conflicts of culture and mankind. Although he draws upon the beliefs and values of his ancient culture, his work is contemporary. As a printmaker he has worked with some of the more celebrated artists of this generation. Their influence enables him to bring a wealth of non-traditional techniques and an informed understanding of modern art to his work. At the same time, however, he was born and raised on a reservation with the conflicts of his heritage.
Ed Noisecat's work is shown in galleries from coast to coast, and collected internationally. He is a 1986 honors graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he was the only printmaking major to be accepted to the school's prestigious master printer program. In addition to practicing his art, he remains actively involved in issues of the broader community. He and his family live in Oakland, California.

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