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"Raven Releasing the Sun"

Todd Jason Baker

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Legend of the Raven, word doc


Hi Todd!
"Raven" arrived yesterday-- and it was well worth waiting for. He's
I'm eagerly looking forward to your new "Wolf" print. I'd love to be notified when it's available.
Thanks again-- you can definitely add me to your list of fans.

M. G.


The Raven

Raven most important of all creatures to the coast Indian peoples was Raven. It was Raven--the Transformer, the cultural hero, the trickster, the Big Man (he took many forms to many peoples)--who created the world. He put the sun, moon and stars into the sky, fish into the sea, salmon into the rivers, and food into the land; he maneuvered the tides to assure daily access to beach resources. Raven gave the people fire and water, placed the rivers, lakes and cedar trees over the land, and peopled the earth.

Full of magical, supernatural power, Raven could turn himself into anything at any time . He could dive beneath the sea, ascend into the sky , or make anything happen by willing it. His legendary antics were often Motivated by insatiable greed, and he loved to tease, to cheat, to woo, and to trick . but all too often the tables were turned on the hapless Raven.

In the past, Raven was probably portrayed more often, and in more ways, than any other creature of legend. Today, Indian carvers, jewelers and print makers still hold a fondness for the wily Raven, and feature him often in their works of art.

Raven is distinguished by a fairly long, straight beak having a blunt or short turned-down tip, and usually a tongue. A sun disk in the partially open beak is a reminder that Raven flew with it in his beak and tossed it into the sky to bring light to the world. the moon or fire also can be represented by a circle in Raven's beak.

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